A Week of Workouts and Some Goals

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It’s Monday, so it’s time to start a new week, and I’m hoping this week is a bit more organized than the last. With the whole weather nonsense, and working more hours on a different shift, I was just a disjointed mess when it came to workouts. I covered a lot of miles, but it was mostly low impact stuff, only one hard tempo run all week, and it was pretty sucky. So here’s what I did…

Monday: 1hr treadmill/1hr bike

Tuesday: 1hr treadmill/1hr bike

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: 30 Min tempo run/1hr treadmill/1hr bike

Friday: Rest

Saturday: I wanted to do a 10 mile long run outside, but the ice was too bad, so I bagged it after a mile. I suck. 

Sunday: 4 mile tempo/1hr Hot Yoga/20 minutes bike/1hr treadmill

I also got the news from my ortho that no marathons are happening for me this year. My hip is responding to treatment, but there’s no way it will sustain a marathon training program and all those miles. So it looks like I’m going to be a half marathon specialist for 2014. Which is ok, because I think that’s a great way for me to focus on improving my speed to break 2 hours, and actually become an age group contender by the end of the season. My last two races were pretty fast, so I’m not as depressed about this news as you would think.

The F^3 Half is coming up in two weeks. I’m not sure how that’s going to go, really. I’m not putting a huge emphasis on this race as far as performance. It won’t be a disaster, but it probably won’t be a crazy fast PR for me, either. I’m a bit undertrained. 

So! Let’s talk goals…

This week I want to focus on more quality vs. quantity in my workouts and have more of an organized approach versus slogging a bunch of junk miles on a treadmill. Definitely incorporating some plyo, steps, and core work this week. I didn’t do any of that last week and I only got to Yoga once. That has to change, or I’m gonna flame out. You have to have balance. 

I did do well as far as diet last week, so not much to tweak there. I am trying to become leaner and lighter to take some stress off my hip and get a little faster. The scale isn’t budging, but in the mirrors at Yoga yesterday, I did seem a lot smaller. Or maybe I’m lying to myself. I’ve been sticking to a heavily veggie diet with eggs and fish for protein, having my largest meal at midday. I definitely feel like I have more energy and I just feel ‘cleaner’ on the inside. It really seems to stabilize my blood sugar and prevent those, “OMG I AM GOING TO EAT EVERYTHING RIGHT FREAKING NOW” moments. Except Friday. My EX friend decided to gift me with a plate of warm chocolate chip cookies. Hate her infinity. 

Off to the gym! Get those miles in…


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