#1000Miles: Week 4: 927 Miles to go, and epiphanies everywhere…


I know I’m neglecting this blog. But I have great reasons! Big things happening I’m going to announce tomorrow, and running is involved in all of that, so stay tuned…

It’s been another frustrating week in the running and fitness department, though. I’m still slogging away a lot of ‘junk miles’ because I’m not cleared medically to do any kind of real training yet. My hip seems to be slow and stubborn in responding to treatment. I have to bag my first race ever and bow out of this weekend’s F3 Half Marathon because I haven’t been able to fit in a decent long run, and the road conditions are supposed to be whack. Better sit this one out. I should be good to go by Lucky 7 and the Shamrock Shuffle.

Speaking of the Shamrock Shuffle…my stupid mug in on that commercial this year? WHY. I was laying in bed watching the news last week, and it came on NBC5 here in Chicago, and I was like, “Hahaha, look at that chick mouth breathing…oh wait…THAT’S ME.” Another one for the highlight reel, I guess.

shamrock commercial

As the stars start to align for me professionally, I have been having a lot of personal epiphanies, and had another on the treadmill yesterday. My runs have been amazing lately. Usually I would be writing about how much I hate winter and how I am dying a slow, painful treadmill death, but yesterday it dawned on me that the treadmill is truly my think tank. It’s really the only place where you can crank the music and just ZONE for however long you are on there. I get a lot of thinking done on that stank treadmill, and I never realized how much it helps me until yesterday.

No WONDER I got through the flood and losing my house to it…I trained on the hotel treadmill for six weeks.

Makes sense.

magic gif

It’s funny because as I climbed on the treadmill yesterday, I was full of dread and wondering how in the world I was going to get this five mile tempo run done. I have only run outside four times since Christmas because of the weather. I only ran on the treadmill four times last winter…

But I climbed on the treadmill, and cranked the tunes. Things started clicking, brain started clicking, creative thoughts were happening, I realized what a great tool this was for me, and that 5 miles happened easy peasy…and FAST. I’ve lost 7lbs since the new year started and it’s helping a lot too. Less stress on my hip and it just makes things easier over all. Not that I needed to lose any weight, but I am tall and very muscle bulky, so it was more about being leaner.

Have you had any epiphanies on your journey yet? Any realizations happening as you tick off the miles? We’re about to hit 100 miles in the next week or so. You’ve already come such a long way.


2 thoughts on “#1000Miles: Week 4: 927 Miles to go, and epiphanies everywhere…

  1. Aw guuurl, now that you’re on the up-n-up professionally you should totally get a 2nd home here in AZ. Winter training bragging = the past 2 weeks have been in the 70’s and I’ve been racking up the road/trail miles like a bandit. Treadmills be damned!

    Tuesday I shocked myself with a 6-mile tempo at 7:07 pace. I didn’t realize I was maintaining that pace because my mind was still at work churning through some challenges for an upcoming conference/event. Gotta love zoning out.

    4-mile trail race this Sunday. http://www.azroadrunners.org/races/detail/sunrise
    Hoping I can hang with a 7:00mm pace. Wish me luck.

  2. Treadmills and the like scare the bejeebers out of me. I always imagine that scene from “Lost in Translation” with the treadmill that won’t be turned off and it nearly kills Bill Murray. Love that film!

    So, when I joined a gym, I picked the nearby one with with a track (and towel service – ahhhh). It’s 8 laps to a mile. I only do 2 lousy miles, but I love that track. It’s around the edges above a 3 court basketball field house. There are lovely rainbow colored elliptical like shaped flags overhead (hard to describe). There are huge windows around two sides looking out on the quaint downtown of my city with lots of church steeples. Especially nice when it is snowing.

    Jenn, the trip to the warm place will probably rejuvenate you totally. This weather is starting to get to everybody.

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