Guest Post: Motivation from Moni


Hello, stepchildren! I’m back and ready to give this site the love it deserves and talk fitness til we can’t feel our quads anymore. To kick things off, here’s a great post from Moni and she’s here to motivate us. Yes, us. Put down that chicken leg.

Here are some tips from the lovely and awesome Moni from the blog “I Told You So” go ahead and give her some blog lovin here

Being one of the self-proclaimed laziest people ever, I have life-hacked a handful of ways to stay fit(ish) (and participate in Jenn’s 1000 miles challenge) while still maintaining the job, kid, sleep (sometimes) and, oh yea, lazy, sloth-ish couch potato-ing time.

First, never go to the gym. Just don’t do it. You will never look or BE like one of “those” gym rat people who constantly seem to be fighting over the gym equipment that another guy’s been sweating and grunting on for 20 minutes. And honestly, would you want to be? Instead, workout like a caveman: do simple exercises using your own body weight or some heavy objects from around the house, like these circuits:



(Um, can he be my prize for finishing this circuit?!)

I assure you, do enough reps and you will feel these. Also, don’t make time to do this. Do it while you’re doing something else. Like watching RHOBH. But don’t wait to do this at the commercial, because everyone knows commercial breaks are for fast forwarding or getting more snacks. If you have workout DVDs that you can pop into a laptop (on mute) while you continue your TV viewing, all the better. I did a 90 day DVD training program last year after popping out my kid and lost almost 40 pounds.

Next, drop it like it’s squat. Just like working simple circuits/DVDs during your favorite TV shows, pop some squats or grab heavy objects (large water bottles, etc.) or some lighter hand weights while at your work desk. Sure, coworkers may look at you funny, but they’re just jealous because their asses will continue growing to fit the size of their office chairs, while yours will be so tight that you’ll have to sit down carefully to avoid bouncing. Bonus points if you are actually bouncing on a large exercise ball. My back feels so much better when I alternate sitting in my painful office chair of doom with 30 minutes bouncing on the ball a few times each day. Bonus that it’s mega distracting to everyone else in the office (and if you see yourself doing it, you’ll quickly figure out why!).

You can also try running, or something. Me personally, I can’t stand (re: am too lazy for) long distance jogging. I used to use that joke “I never run unless something is chasing me!” But then I thought, what if I run like something IS chasing me? Meaning: sprints. When you’re already at the park with your kid, or getting to your car in a large parking lot, run like hell. It’s true that short, intensely fast bursts of running can fast track your cardio endurance/fat loss in little time (and count towards your 1000 miles). Do like 10 minutes of sprints a couple times per week, and you will definitely feel the burn. Bonus: if you do it with your kids, they will think it’s super fun, and hopefully get tired out at least a little. You can checkout this article on the benefits of sprints.

Finally, walk it off. It’s hard to incorporate changes in your daily routine, but since you’re probably spending most of your time at work anyway, it’s another good place to multi task your fitness goals by taking walk breaks. Walk to speak to a colleague instead of emailing. Walk on your coffee break. One of the many great things about coffee is, it exists whether you’re walking with it or sitting down, so you may as well take it on the go. And when you do walk, haul ass. Get that heart rate up, that’s the name of the game!

These are just some of the random ways to incorporate fitness into your daily routine. The biggest thing is playing around and finding what works for you, even if it’s literally squeezing a thigh master between your legs while lying on the couch.

Don’t forget you can read Moni’s awesome blog and keep up with what she’s up to here


One thought on “Guest Post: Motivation from Moni

  1. Good advice, Moni. Some things I needed to be reminded of, so thanks. 🙂 Today I went to the gym (yes, I’m one of those people) after TWO WEEKS off, because of a cold and February malaise. I said to myself that I’ll just do what I feel like, backtracking on my usual routine because of so much time off and still having a nose that is running all the time (even though I haven’t been), and take it easy. Well I did some stretches and crunches (usual number) and then didn’t feel like pumping iron. I then headed for the track – which is what I really like. I thought I’d just walk fast for a couple of miles and see how I felt, because I didn’t feel too perky then. But, soon I was jogging along and had a really good workout, much to my surprise. You just never know.

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