The Great Experiment…And Feeling Pretty

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So it’s Sunday, a rest day, and I have to say that I’m happy with how training went this week. Doc, Coach and I came up with a plan that’s going to dedicate March to a ‘less is more’ way of training. Running wise, it’s only putting me at about 20 miles a week, but there’s a huge focus on strength training, plyometrics and working on therapeutic conditioning like barre classes, Pilates, and Yoga. The running is super intense. Intervals pushing me a full minute faster, sprints, and fierce tempo runs.

Of course this freaks me out, because in my mind anything less than 35 steady miles a week is ‘hobby jogger’ territory, which I totally am, but every runner thinks they’re Prefontaine in their own mind. I look at the upcoming race calendar and I freak out as I compare that to my goals for 2014. How in the world am I going to make a dent in that running 20 crazy fast miles every week and lifting weights for an entire month? Mostly indoors?

I’m a doubting Thomas. I trust no one.

But Coach made a good point. Remember after the flood, when most of my training happened on a hotel treadmill? Shorter, faster runs for 6 weeks, and then I went out and KILLED the SF 10 miler? Without all of the other cross training, and eating in restaurants three times a day?

Yep. That happened. Ok, then. We’ll give it a shot.

I can say that this philosophy takes a lot of mental pressure off. You feel more like a success breaking it down and doing other things, rather than looking at your mileage log and going…uh…an 8 mile tempo, I feel like crap and only want to run 4. FAIL. So mentally, I have to say it’s a nice refresh.

We’ll see how it goes for Shamrock this year. That’s the first race of 2014, and I ran that sucker pretty fast last year.

In other news…


Are you one of those people that primps for the gym? Like, you make sure you look really good and check the mirror a couple of times before you leave the locker room? I’m obviously not one of those people, because I’m always red-faced, gross, and covered in sweat. I also don’t see the point of getting pretty, getting gross, and then re-prettifying myself afterwards. That’s just a lot of time and steps I don’t have.

I bumped into my friend Dawn at the gym yesterday, and she’s in her cutest lulu, full makeup, awesome ponytail, and there I am…cute clothes, but bust down and ratchet as always.

WHY. I ask her. WHY. Why are you such a weirdo?

After she took a step back because I smelled funky, she essssplained to me that once a week, she comes to the gym ‘done up’ to mostly socialize and feel good. It’s usually a rest day, and she doesn’t like talking to people when she’s gross, and it’s just nice to feel pretty.

So after I wiped the snot dripping off my nose with the back of my hand, I pondered this idea. What if I went to Yoga today feeling ‘pretty’. Would I be more social? Would I feel better about my practice? I decided to give it a try. Why not? Let’s see how different it all is if I check myself in the mirror before I head out of the locker room…


7 thoughts on “The Great Experiment…And Feeling Pretty

  1. I go to the gym unwashed sometimes – like on Sundays. After working out I’ll take a steam bath and then shower and primp there. But I NEVER go out of the house without eye makeup. So I wear it when I workout.

    I like my clothes, including gym clothes, to be color coordinated. I wear a variety of shirts – including several baggy Blackhawk ones (not actual team sweaters – I have 3 of them, but they are too good for gym). Lately I’ve also been wearing an assortment of Blingisthenewblack shirts – all because of you Jenn. You led me to them. They are fun! I never thought I’d ever where glitz, but here I go.

    I do look in the mirror in the locker room before I leave it. My gym has a ton of men and you have to go through the weight/machine room where they mostly are to get to the women only weight/machine room, (where I go), and to the track (co-ed) that I love. I don’t want to embarrass myself.

    I’m starting to not feel like such a stepchild since you posted twice in this blog in two days!

  2. Oh, and I’m less than a “hobby” jogger. On a good week I do 10 miles. But I’m old. That’s my excuse. My left knee and hip do not want to jog at all. But after I go a bit they shut up. I have to warm up carefully. It’s great you have a coach. Hope the hip is on the mend now and will cooperate.

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