#1000Miles – Mid-Week Check In

midweek check in

So it’s Thursday, and I just thought I’d check in and let you know how the week is going since I laid down the gauntlet and decided that I was officially back on the horse and this was happening.

The good news? So far so good. I’m being committed and consistent.

The bad news? Mars is in retrograde and the 19th couldn’t get here fast enough when it finally stops.


Monday: 3 mile tempo

Tuesday: 4 miles nice and easy/core and strength circuit

Wednesday: 3 miles of hills/coached soccer practice

Today: Scrapped the speed/strength workout for pushing my dead car up a hill and doing a lot of walking because I had to push my dead car up a hill. Damn you, Mars in retrograde!

The running is getting better. Yesterday’s hill workout was a full 15 seconds per split faster than when I did it three weeks ago and had to yak up an Egg McMuffin in the street because my lungs were firmly lodged in my throat. I’m still not happy with any splits in the 9’s after how fast I’ve been training indoors all winter, but I did discover that a lot of that has to do with my gait changing a bit and adjusting to the terrain. I also need new shoes. First car, then shoes.

I’ve decided that I hate Yoga Sculpt because it’s not at all based on the principles of Yoga, it’s something a fitness marketing expert invented to get lululemon clad housewives in the door at lunchtime. Just because you do a few down dogs and end the class in Shavasana, doesn’t mean it’s Yoga. It’s basically ‘barefoot bootcamp in a hot room on a yoga mat’. Burpees and shadowboxing violate my inner Yogi’s sensibilities. So I scrapped that class and went back to my good ol’ strength/core circuit. It gets results and I don’t have to do any of those damn mountain climbers.


For tomorrow I have a 4 mile fartlek planned, a yoga day and soccer bonanza on Saturday, and then a 7 mile long run with a yoga chaser for Sunday. It’s still making me nuts that it seems so easy and I feel like a slacker-face.


I’ve been eating clean, and watching my intake as well as cutting out the booze. Well except for last night when we recorded ‘Wine and Sass!’ because it’s called WINE and Sass, not Sober and Sass. Oh well, one night a week isn’t killing everything…

Green Drank

I haven’t had an Egg White Delight McMuffin since last Saturday, and I am doing the good ol’ Green Drank for my afternoon snack every day. Yesterday I had to have a rainbow roll for lunch or some kind of homicide was going to happen. I’ve been craving salmon like a lunatic lately, so I must be deficient in my daily fish breath quota. No wonder my cat is bothering the crap out of me lately. egg white delight

With the help of my old faves, Vitamin Water and Raspberry Honest Tea, my hydration is getting better. I just wish I liked water. I freaking hate water.


I’m ok as far as trying not to be a nutcase perfectionist heaping a ton of pressure on myself. I have to say that focusing on my fitness routine and training plan has been super helpful in dealing with some of life’s shitstorms this week like both my car and computer deciding to make good on a suicide pact they made five years ago. Good grief. Couldn’t the toaster short out? Why’d it have to be both the things I need for my livelihood? At least the sun is out so I don’t have rainy day depression making this a huge crisis.

when will it end gif

A huge help has been my gratitude journal, the ‘Until Today!’ daily devotional I read with my coffee every morning, and the Headspace meditation app. I highly recommend them all. Or tearing your hair out and screaming into pillows. That probably works, too.

So not the suckfest I thought this week was going to bring, so I got that going for me. I still haven’t gotten a speed workout in…but I never do those. I hate them, and right now I refuse to do anything I hate until I have to.


4 thoughts on “#1000Miles – Mid-Week Check In

  1. Buddha was for The Middle Path. You are SOOOOOO intense.

    I NEVER do anything I hate. That’s my philosophy. So help me God.

    I only like Evian water. It’s pricey, but worth it. It’s so much better.

    • I’m actually 75% less intense than I used to be 🙂 Imagine that one for a sec… I can’t do any kind of water. It has to have some kind of flavor and or bubbles in it before I’ll drink it.

      • Try Evian. It is the only plain water I can stand. It’s much better than anything else. Really. Would I steer you wrong?

  2. You are doing great Jenn. Watch out on the flavor water, even the Vitamin Water – they have a lot of sugar in them. Do lemon water or cucumber, that makes my water intake super easy. Keep on keeping on.

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