That Time I Went To A Group Fitness Class

group fitness

‘Sup peeps? Had some Adventures in Fitness® here over the last few days, and when that happens, I write a blog. Lucky you, right?

So for the 5 of you who didn’t just back click to whatever you were reading, here’s what’s going on in my neck of the woods.

Still on track, training is going very well, can’t complain about much… I’m doing everything I can to be consistent and stay injury free. I have been in a huge time crunch this week with work, life, staring off into space, etc. so I’ve been looking for ways to get as much bang for my buck, so to speak, with my workout each day. I need to keep rebuilding my fitness, but I have no time. WHAT AM I TO DO?!

I was lamenting this with my home slice Cara on Saturday night while we dunked various shellfish in drawn butter and drank wine, you know, what awesome champions do, and she suggested, “Take classes all week!” Then proceeded to tell me the various forms of human torture our chain of healthclubs offers us for free. All with insane names like, “Shred your brain and pray for death!” and “Insane sweat beasts dancing with dumbells!”

Group fitness? Like Jazzercise? Someone cute and perky on a headset yelling out choreography to sped up club remixes of Top 40 songs? Uh…no.

But Cara insisted that these classes were just like those videos from “The Firm,” which I actually quite like, and I would get a huge workout in a small amount of time.

Ok, then. I’ll give it a whirl.

The first class I tried was a cardio/light weights/step aerobics class called, “Two left feet and a sore ass” or something. All I know is that as soon as I walked in, I was living my life-long nightmare of being the big, slightly awkward girl, in a room full of gorgeous lululemon clad, perfectly ironed ponytail, housewives. Great. This won’t suck AT ALL.

Actually, it was fine, and I’m typing in a full body cast today it was such an intense workout. My glutes haven’t been this sore since that time in Tijuana… maybe I don’t have to tell you every story.

The next day it was time for, “Ninja Turtle Calf Shred” or whatever. Basically it’s a kickboxing, karate, plyometrics class with weighted weapons. Again, the band of gorgeous people were there, and my red-faced moose self towered over them and the ground probably shook a little when my feet hit the floor. I was DONE by the end of this class. Insanely hard. As I huffed and puffed, clutching my chest, screaming, “BUT I RUN MARATHONS!” while everyone bounced around me with what seemed to be endless energy… no wonder these women are tiny. I felt like I needed an all you can eat buffet after this one.

It also left me so sore I can only move my eyelids at this point.

While I wasn’t happy that Group Fitness classes seemed to bring me back to my insecure ginormous 9 year old self sick with envy over all of the cute, tiny girls…it is fun to try different things and see where exactly your fitness is lacking. You get comfortable in thinking that running handles most of your needs, maybe you do some core work and lift weights here and there, but one of these classes doing total body fitness is an eye opener for how weak your body truly is in spots.

Will I stick with it after this week? I have no idea. Right now it’s fun, and I’m feeling the burn so to speak. Tomorrow I’m taking a class called, “XTREME Body: You’re Going To Wish You Were Never Born” so that might change. I guess the real test will be how it has improved my running fitness. I ran a quick 4-miler after class yesterday, and it was ridiculously easy after juggling 15lb weights while standing on my head. If I start wearing lululemon instead of regular clothes and flat ironing my ponytail before class, though, I demand someone stage an intervention.


3 thoughts on “That Time I Went To A Group Fitness Class

  1. There was a time when I taught those classes. But that was a long time ago. Now, though my gym membership covers all the classes, I can’t get myself to go. I’ve become a lone exerciser. I don’t even want to listen to someone else’s, probably bad, music choices. Still, if just for a change and variety (“the spice of life”), I think they’re probably a good idea. Maybe I should try one.

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