#1000Miles: Pre Race jitters, a review, and other randoms…

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Hiya sportsfans. I’ve been swamped with this crazy idea that I could raise three kids,  go back to school, train for races, work full time, blog part time, get a book out the door and all of that jazz and never have a day where I just stare out the window and go, “uhhhhh…” I’m having one of those days, really. I think it’s the rain. That stupid Polar Vortex mind melded me into some kind of seasonal depressive that cannot tolerate anything but constant sunshine. Anytime it rains or is cloudy and cold, I immediately become Eeyore.

So I was like, “Whatever, maybe a totally random blog will help me clear the cobwebs and get the juices flowing a bit. I forgot to tell everyone that Mizuno and GNC put my goofy mug on their websites.”

And here we are. GNC and Mizuno put my goofy mug on their websites.


Mizuno Web

beat average

This weekend marks my return to racing as I run the ‘Steamboat Classic’ 4miler. This race is dubbed the ‘World’s Fastest 4 Miler’ and that’s a lot more appealing than the 15k I ran at the Steam Boat Classic last year which is dubbed You’ll scream for your mommy, see baby Jesus and puke “World’s Toughest 15K”.

Ugh. I cringe just reliving that race. It was the living WORST. But hopefully the 4 miler is a better race that doesn’t include endless repetitive hills and Frat boys spraying you with a hose as you run by because the heat index is above 90°. I am running this race with SO MANY people on my heart this weekend. From Elizabeth, who I promised to be her legs way back when and my own legs decided to die on me there for a while, to my friend J who is recovering from a horrific accident, my friend Irene who just underwent major brain surgery last week, and a couple others…I wish I could go out there and win a dozen medals for them.

I do have the jitters, though. I am confident as heck about my training, and feel like I’m ready, especially after yesterday’s 5k time trial. I’ve never run a 4 mile race, but my 5K ten-year PR and my 5 mile ten year PR makes me think that I can snag a divisional placement. I know, I walked into this trap at this same exact race last year. I went into it totally cocky after reading the previous year’s times and was all, “Hills? I freaking OWN hills. I’ve got this race won, baby!” then much to my surprise I learned that ‘hills’ meant ‘the sides of mountains’ and I came very close to my first DNF. This time, however, I am being really realistic and I do think that a divisional placement isn’t beyond the realm of possibility. It’s also making me a little bit nervous, too because now I’m putting a ton of pressure on myself to win. I usually do my best when I stagger up to a start line hungover, undertrained, and half injured because I seriously give no fricks. Now that I’ve put the time in, trained, and take this seriously, watch me stink up the place and have to write a recap about how much I sucked.

I know. I’m nuts. I’ll shut up now. Sorry.

So let’s talk gear! I recently got some SWAGALICIOUSNESS from lululemon, MPG, and New Balance and I need to tell you about it or they’re gonna be all, “So uh…Jenn, we like sent you swag and stuff to blog about…you gonna blog or what?”

Let’s start with lululemon…

Because I have monster thighs and wide hips, I really struggle with finding great running bottoms. MPG really holds it down with their running short and skirt line, and I almost exclusively race in their bottoms, but lululemon recently came out with two new shorts, the ‘Run Times’ and the ‘Dart and Dash’. Both are made specifically for athletes with…wait for it…athletic bodies… and they’re longer for us taller chicks that don’t like to flash our unicorn to passersby on our run.

dart and dash

First the Dart and Dash short. This is a distance short that is that perfect hybrid of racing brief and tri short. Good coverage, super light, comfortable, no chafing seams, and pockets forever. You could seriously pack a picnic lunch in those things. I wore them for my last two long runs, and they were great. I will also be racing in these shorts this weekend, too. The Luxtreme fabric and 4 way stretch is amazing, but I do have 2 complaints. 1.) Once you put stuff in the pockets you look like you have saddle bags. It’s weird looking. 2.) This Luxtreme fabric takes the sweat off of you, but leaves it nowhere to go, so it just runs down your leg, and gives you the “I just peed my pants” crotch sweat look. Which..whatever, I don’t care what I look like after a long run. Love me, love my crotch sweat, I say. They’re pricey at $58, but I would buy them. Totally worth it.

The second short from lulu is the ‘Run Times’ short made to replace my personal lulu favorite, the Groovy Run short.

lulu run times side

(That picture isn’t altered, or else I would’ve shopped out my cellulite)Now to me, an idiot, I couldn’t tell much of a difference between the ‘Run Times’ short and the ‘Groovy Run’ short other than the fit is much slimmer through the hips and legs. I actually like the Groovy Run short a bit better. But whatever. This is actually a very decent running short, and like the Dart and Dash short, it has the Luxtreme fabric and no chafing. I wore these shorts on a 4 mile tempo treadmill run and a hill workout, and they were fine. I did leave puddles of sweat all over the treadmill because the Luxtreme fabric wicks a little too well. Again, no chafing, fit well, works great. These are a bit cheaper at $54. Worth it? Meh. I thought MPG’s running short line was better.

Finally, you all know I’m a Mizuno girl, and this is one of the reasons why. This year they’re doing the ‘Baton Project’ which will donate your mileage for the week in dollars to the ‘Back on My Feet’ foundation. Head on over to their website to see how you can get involved, even if you don’t use Mizuno products, you should be a part of the cause. Heck, I’ll even pass the baton to you after I put in my mileage.

So I guess that’s it for today. See you awesome people on the flipside.


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      • Time on these comments is off. I wrote the above two on Saturday afternoon, June 14. It is now 11:30 p.m. on same day.

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