‘Great Bull Run Chicago’…Come Run With The Bulls With Me July 12th!

2013 PWP Studio Event Photographers

When I first got the invite to this event, I thought for sure it was from someone who wanted me dead. Not only am I clumsy and have a healthy fear of most 1,000lb angry livestock, but I’m also deathly allergic to tomatoes. So either I would be trampled to death as I tripped over my own big feet, or I would die from having a tomato hurled at my face. So I was like, “Uh…NO. Thanks, but no. I’ll stay alive, thanks very much.”

But after doing this thing called, “research” the ‘Great Bull Run’ sounds kind of fun! And safe!

The event is held at Hawthorne Racecourse on the track, so it’s not like you’re navigating the streets of Pamploma. The bulls are released in waves and you can just wait until they come up on you and you can run alongside them. It’s also safe and humane for the bulls as well. Here’s a video of the run itself.

The ‘Tomato Royale’ food fight takes place later in the day, and while I won’t be able to participate in that part of the event, it’ll be a blast to watch from way up in the stands wearing a hazmat suit.

So if you want to join me this July 12th at Hawthorne Racecourse, go ahead and head to thegreatbullrun.com and register. Coupon code: JENN gets you $10 off your entry and kids under 12 are free and there are also special ‘spectator’ rates if you just want to do the festival thing and hang out. It’s an all day event complete with food, music, beer…and running with the bulls! Hope to see you there. I’ll be the one clinging to the railing screaming.


adidas Originals Introduces the SL Loop Runner When runners crossed the finish line during the 1972 Munich Olympic Games, they kicked off their spikes and laced up the “podium shoe” SL 72, a shoe designed for athletes to wear between competitions. This sleek, casual athletic shoe debuted along with the iconic Trefoil logo. An original was born.

This summer, adidas Originals introduces the newest addition to the SL family, The adidas SL Loop Runner.

The SL Loop Runner is a modern take on the SL 72 with a lightweight upper material, iconic T-toe and sculpted concave midsole. The SL Loop Runner also features a unique execution of the serrated stripes, which peel up to form the eye stays.

This summer, if you’re looking for something with style to carry you from one athletic battle to another, then outfit yourself with the adidas SL Loop Runner— available in solar red, solar green, frost mint & onix. 


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