Some shoes for when them dogs are barking…

Recovery is super important for your health. You cannot be go, go, go all the time and expect your body to play ball. Especially your feet. Once your feet rebel, it’s over.

I’ve talked on the other site about how compression gear like my fave cray knee highs helps with recovery. You always want to help promote blood flow and discourage swelling. Other things like ice and muscle stim machines work, too. Me? My favorite form of recovery is a beer in the hottub. If you are an expert, and you just read that you’re probably dead.

But now they make recovery shoes! Again, my recovery shoes are usually a bust-down jank pair of Uggs or Toms, but now there’s like, science and stuff.

Reebok Nanossage Shoes Are Here!

Reebok made this massaging shoe not just for CrossFit lovers, but for anyone who wants to have comfy feet! Check out some of the highlights below and click on the banner to learn more about these shoes! I bet they feel amazing on your feet after your new year’s workouts!

• Easy slip-on construction
• Made to be used after working out (this is NOT a workout shoe; it’s a recovery shoe)
• Foam Roller Inspired, Active massage therapy, unique geometry for comfort and fit
• The upper features Reebok CrossFit® logo and the same CrossFit inspired prints that are found on Reebok CrossFit apparel favorites
• Available in whole sizes only, recommend they go up rather than down (i.e. 11.5 sizes should buy a 12)

I also think that these shoes would be great if you spend a lot of time on your feet, Hel-LO nurses! or if you suffer from pain or swelling in your feet that restricts your movement. I’m going to go ahead and give ’em a whirl.